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Published: Thursday, June 05, 2008
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s What happened to the stimulus checks? I guess it is another government mix-up. Mine was due the week of May 9 and I still do not have it.

s I hear they have raised the price of paper products. Now I can find a good use for all these telephone books I have around here.

s A good poll worker doesn't have to ask a person coming in to vote what his party affiliation is. The clerk can look in a book and it shows what a person is registered as. The poll worker has no business speaking out loud to find out what a person's party affiliation is. I know because I have been a poll worker for 12 years.

s I see that Randall Reid-Smith testified that he had no experience for his current position other than his love of West Virginia. He should contact WVU immediately. He may have already been awarded an executive MBA.

s I have had three heart attacks this past year and had to be stabilized first at our community hospital before they sent me on to St. Mary's. If you give these community hospitals permission to do angioplasty, my insurance will no longer pay for my ambulance on to Huntington.

s All so-called deadbeat dads aren't deadbeat dads. They just don't have the money. When the woman makes more money than the man, why should the man have to pay child support anyway?

s It is time for Gov. Joe Manchin to come out for Hillary Clinton. This state voted for Hillary Clinton and he is supposed to represent West Virginia. If he wants to be re-elected he needs to do what the people want.

s Chesapeake Energy is just like a kid I used to play marbles with. They whine and whimper around if they can't win and take their marbles and go home.

s I am so tired of hearing Obama, Hillary and McCain being downgraded. I just pray that God will put someone in office who is a good Christian person, whether it be man or woman, black or white or whatever. Let God dictate to your heart what is right.

s An article in the Gazette stated that the video lottery revenue at racetracks is down due to increased competition from Pennsylvania and the price of gasoline. Many at Tri-State are not attending and playing due to the poor payout. Those machines are as tight as a wound rubber band.

s Out-of-state corporations that own the natural gas rights in West Virginia are involved in a big-time lawsuit. Chesapeake Energy is on the losing end and won't construct an office building in Charleston. Predictably the state Chamber of Commerce says the Legislature should make it impossible for people to sue corporations.

s If people in West Virginia who voted for Hillary are bigots will it be all right to call those in other states who voted for Obama anti-feminists?

s I see the West Virginia board has absolved Garrison. I guess that is what happens. You can do dirt but as long as the governor of West Virginia backs you, nothing will ever be done about it.

s I can't understand why a person would say a felon shouldn't vote. It is mean and vindictive to hold people's pasts against them. It is not the Christian way. After all, we are all old sinners saved by grace.

s The U.S. government should nationalize the oil industry and throw the crooks out.

s If the Vatican says there should be no female priests, then it sounds like the Catholic religion is for males only. The women should stop going to the Catholic Church and start their own church where everyone can be included. Christ didn't exclude women. What is the deal here?

s I like how the paper gave a frown to the 60 percent of people in West Virginia who don't vote but why vote in the primary when you have these superdelegates, which is just a good old boy group that is going to decide who is going to win anyway. This is not a democracy and our vote doesn't count so why bother to go to the polls. You guys are wrong.

s Heather Bresch didn't have to pay tuition, go to class or take tests. Where can I get a deal like that?

s If our governor is not going to give the state employees a decent raise, he could at least give us cool air in the Diamond building. Seventy-eight degrees is way too warm to work.

s Shame on the Gazette for your slanted coverage of the Garrison disaster. The faculty is against him over 90 percent. Your claim that he was exonerated is palpably ridiculous.

s My wife and I attended the Vandalia Gathering on Sunday, May 25. The food, people and atmosphere, including all the dogs, were great. There were no dogs snarling at each other. I think it is great we have a festival where families feel they can bring everyone, including the household pets.

s The environmentalists are rich. Their lifestyle won't change but we poor people need to fight back. We have God-given natural resources. Let's drill and build refineries and never be in this mess again.

s In the early '70s the government told Americans that if they could build the transatlantic pipeline in Alaska we would not need foreign oil. Now they are saying the same thing about ANWR. Let them drill in ANWR but pass a law that says all oil must stay in America.

s WVU is a total embarrassment to the college world. There is scandal from top to bottom, including their athletics, which was being funded with taxpayer money and being channeled to them for years.

s We recently drove through Georgia and Tennessee. Most gas prices were $3.59.

s Obama surely is more intelligent than picking Hillary as vice president. This would be signing his death warrant. Remember all those criminals Bill set free with pardons on his last day of office? Bill Clinton can't be trusted. Nothing is above him.

s I have news for the elderly person wanting to know about the $20 vouchers, that program was set up to help the farmers, not necessarily the needy. The amount won't be increased and can only be used on produce grown in West Virginia.

s The utility companies of this state are murdering the underprivileged and those on fixed incomes. The public service commissioners are accessories to the crimes. We can't afford to buy medications, gas, food or clothes. These are the simple necessities and we are doing without.

s I have news for those who think Byrd, Rockefeller and Rahall will be working with Obama in the next administration. McCain will win West Virginia and he will win the general election. Our West Virginia leaders will then have the disdain of the people they were supposed to represent and work for.

s Milk prices have come down considerably. If we do gasoline the way we did milk and slow down the buying of it, it will also come down.

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