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Workers' Comp figures

Published: Thursday, January 10, 2002
Page: P11A
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These coal companies agreed Wednesday to pay the following amounts in Workers' Compensation premiums. Contractors for the coal companies had left the premiums unpaid.

Bluestone Coal Corp. 5,069,535 The Pittston Co. 3,955,779 AMCI Resources Inc. 3,840,038 Consolidation Coal Co. 3,794,836 Herndon Processing 2,692,223 Hampden Coal Co./Chafin Branch 1,074,556 Eaglehawk Carbon Inc. 903,194 AgipCoal USA Inc. 277,192 Pioneer Fuel Corp. 168,505 Besides the companies listed above, Dal-Tex Coal may owe more than $2.8 million. That amount is still under dispute.

The coal companies not covered by Wednesday's settlement and the totals of their unpaid premiums are: Peabody Coal Co. $4,213,835 National Mines Corp. 4,107,917 Lo-Ming Coal Corp. 3,883,185 USX Corp. 2,731,445 The Okemo Corp. 2,369,915 Eastern Associated Coal Corp. 1,681,127 Bay Star Coal Co. Inc. 1,461,545 Golden Oak Mining 972,965 Illusion Coal Co. 607,009 Jude Energy Inc. 549,354

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