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Midway elementary students Jump Rope For Heart Businesses

Published: Thursday, April 20, 2000
Page: P05
Byline: Ben Calwell

METRO STAFF The sky was blue, the music was loud and the kids were jumping - jumping ropes, that is.

Last week, about 270 students at Midway Elementary School in Alum Creek participated in Jump Rope For Heart, a fund-raising activity for the American Heart Association.

"This is the first year we've participated in this. It's to get them out of the classroom and get them physically active, and it also raises money for the heart association," said Midway Principal Louis Watts.

Jump Rope For Heart is co-sponsored by the AHA and the Kentucky/Ohio/West Virginia Association For Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Jump Rope For Heart "is an annual event at many schools around the country; it's a fun day," said Linda Casto, a physical education teacher at Midway.

To raise money for the AHA, "the children are asked to seek donations from friends and family. There's a whole tier of prizes (for students) based on the donations," Casto said.

Casto said donations used to be tied to how long a student could jump rope without stopping, but that has changed.

Donations are now given to students just for participating. "They jump rope for as long as they can, and then they take a rest," she said.

Casto had to teach many of the students how to jump rope.

"Kids don't jump rope anymore - about half the students here didn't know how," she said.

In addition to having fun jumping rope, the students learned the value of community service and why exercise is important to good health.

"We talked about the health aspects of cardiovascular exercise," Casto said.

After the jump rope activity, the students were treated to some snacks and refreshments.

The donations collected by the children will benefit cardiovascular research and the AHA's educational program in schools and worksites.

Several local businesses donated to the jump rope event, including McDonald's at the Southridge Center, Sam's Club of Southridge and Nice's Pretty Flower Shop of Alum Creek.

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