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50% Workers' Comp premiums to fall
"Governor [Cecil] Underwood drops $200 million in lawsuits against major coal companies. Then, in an election year, he gives coal companies another huge break. "To pay for this, Workers' Comp will have to cut medical benefits to injured...
Published: Sunday, April 09, 2000
Words: 673

50% Labor council criticizes Workers' Comp Premium rates used
Fund by withdrawing lawsuits brought against the coal industry for unpaid . premiums in amounts in excess of $200 million." Employment Programs Commissioner William Vieweg and his staff recently proposed rate changes that would drop...
Published: Saturday, April 15, 2000
Words: 381

50% Workers' comp Another unwise giveaway?
election year. The head of Employment Programs rate-making division, Cheryl Ranson, did not inspire confidence when reporter Paul Nyden asked for data on which the rate cut is based. "I believe they ran it by some national research...
Published: Wednesday, April 12, 2000
Words: 345

49% Workers' Comp rates to change
and dairies. Workers' Compensation premiums are made up of three components: payments for the estimated costs of paying claims to workers injured in the future, administrative costs for the agency and payments on the agency's deficit....
Published: Wednesday, March 29, 2000
Words: 406

49% Vieweg tries again to stop workers' comp suits He wants
to put pressure on the new Wise administration to adopt the same stance that Underwood did," Calwell said. Both Underwood and Vieweg were former executives for Island Creek Coal Co., one of the two largest defendants in the coal lawsuits....
Published: Thursday, December 21, 2000
Words: 676

49% Workers' Comp defends decision to cut most employers'
Council will meet on April 20 to hear public comments about the new rates. Rates for 73 "risk classifications" of employers will drop. Fifteen will increase, while four will remain the same, according to documents distributed Tuesday....
Published: Wednesday, April 12, 2000
Words: 529

49% Court gives workers victory in disability benefits case
reasonable person to say the claimant has an injury, and that it occurred in the course of, and as a result of, the claimants' job." William Harvit, a Charleston lawyer who represents workers suffering asbestosis and mesothelioma, said:...
Published: Sunday, March 05, 2000
Words: 636

40% Business briefs
will be a major issue in the campaign. Five companies named in workers' comp suits The state Bureau of Employment Programs has filed lawsuits against five companies that owe more than $600,000 to Workers' Compensation. Each company...
Published: Saturday, May 13, 2000
Words: 482

40% Hospital and UMW settle payment flap
have settled a dispute over reimbursement rates for health care. The hospital agreed to accept the funds' reimbursement rates and drop lawsuits it had filed against patients covered by the funds seeking payment of bills, said David...
Published: Saturday, December 30, 2000
Words: 162

39% State briefs
K.C. Produce of Nicholas County owes back taxes, interest and penalties totaling nearly $15,000 to Workers' Comp and more than $11,000 for unemployment. The lawsuits filed in Kanawha Circuit Court seek injunctions to halt the firms...
Published: Friday, December 29, 2000
Words: 590

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